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Was on my way to a local old car and tractor event when I've got a flat tire, will fix that and some other things this winter.

Gripen  Gripen  Gripen

On the road again, tryed another coil and it worked perfect. About 25 km of nice driving on asphalt and gravel roads then the throttlewire snapped of. The rest of the way, about 5 km, I had to pull the wire to get home. Still with a big smile on my face.

Gripen is rolling the streets of and nearby Skövde, at least for about 7 or 8 km, then it went dead! Six hours later I tryed again, no problems for about 20 minutes then the same thing. Seemes that something hapens when it's getting hot, further investigation is necessary...
But I got some nice summerpicture of it.

Gripen  Gripen

Fired it up for the first time, perhaps the first time in decades. You can see the result here.

This is my newest toy, bought it in july 2009, don't know much about it right now but I will find out. Built or assambled by "AB. Svenska Cykelmagasinet" in Linköping (Sweden) in the early fifties (I believe -51 or -52). It seemes to be a lightly modified NSU (125ZDB) with an CZ engine, probably 125cc but I'm not sure.

Gripen  Gripen  Gripen

Gripen  Gripen  Gripen

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